Today in the society, many people are losing hope and faith in life as much as they lose confidence and self-esteem in themselves. People are already killing themselves, burying themselves, and forgetting themselves yet they are still alive and walking. This is all because many are living in a state of hopelessness and despair. They have forgotten that they are not photocopies of themselves rather they are originals of the purpose of God creating them. I want to address such people through this Sunday column and remind them that they should arise and shine for your day has come since the future is brighter for you. In case you harbor negative thoughts and feelings about yourself; thinking that you are useless, you are not important, you are a reject of life. I want to impress on you, plant a seed of hope in you and announce to you the good news about yourself. It doesn’t matter what others think about you. What matters is what you think about yourself; you are beautiful. You are loved. You are needed. You are precious. You are alive for a reason. You are stronger than what you think.

You are capable to go through your current situation. I am glad you are alive and that makes you part of the flowers that beautiful this garden called life. Therefore, stop beating yourself since you are not yet done and God is not finished with you yet. You are still God’s work in progress. God is still shaping you, crafting you, modeling you and grafting you so that you can become his masterpiece. Smile to yourself because you are amazingly beautiful and unique and nobody is like you whatsoever. Your life is like a camera, so focus only on what is important and capture only snapshots of Good times. Never allow negative thoughts or feelings drain you or your energy but focus on the fact that you are created in the image of God so you are original of yourself and duplicate of God. Drive on ahead taking care of the bumps on your way, pass over potholes on your route and meander the corners of your life with utmost care, determination and you will reach your destination with contented pride that “surely, you have overcome life triumphantly”


The Chords Of My Escape

The Chords Of My Escape
© Pookie
The chords of my escape.
The feeling of a beat.
The vibration of my soul.
It sends me to my peak.

I just love how it makes me feel,
But there's no way the feeling is real.
I can close my eyes and look up to the ceiling.
It's the most pleasurable feeling.

The way it makes me move.
Just gracefully on my feet.
In the chords of my escape.
There are no expectations to meet.

I'm free to be myself.
I can dance, I can sing.
I can twirl around on the floor. 
That's how it's supposed to be.

But of course, all happiness has to come to an end.
I look at the ground
I sigh and frown.
It's time to let go of my only true friend.

I lift my hand to my ear
And pull out the plastic.
I suddenly feel blank again.
But soon again, I will feel ecstatic
With the chords of my escape.


The Loudest Shadow

The Loudest Shadow
© Pookie
It begins as a noise in the background
keeping steady beat as it makes its round
it can be found at any time of day
it's so simple, just push play

It creates a story for everyone's life
as if it understands your struggles and strife
it's impossible to stop, it's purpose will be served
as if not to judge on whether or not you deserve
to feel absorbed in something bigger than yourself
where there is nobody to ever ring the bell

Of complete reality and worry filled days
when life gets too real there's something that says
I'll be with you through the HAPPY and SAD 
the really GREAT days and even the BAD

It lingers as if ready at any possible time
to lift you off your feet and begin to fly
away from all the grief, sorrow and pain
to tell your mind that it's free again

No judging or casting a nasty glare
nope, just to let you know that it's always there
as the shoulder to cry on when no one else cares
and casts you alone to face all of your scares

It will give you a feeling that no one else can
and open your eyes to the ever growing span
of opportunity and dare and even the strength
to end it all or just shoot blanks

It tends to all of our daily needs
not for us but with us so we really can see
the magic of you when in a crowd
nothing else will sound as loud

As the beats, bells, and whistles that are in your head
revealing to you a new path to tread
for you will follow no one your path will be your own
because your are lead by something that can't be owned

To be there for whenever you desire
is its one purpose, to light your fire
it can't be stopped if the will is steady
it can be unleashed, it's always ready

To light up your day or slow down the time
to yell at the world, or even to cry
to help you with whatever you may need
or just to be there for whenever you please

It will live until the end of time
serving its purpose, to let its light shine
remember family, friends and even pets
but most of all music never forget



© Pookie

Imagine yourself
Alone in your head.
You’re hanging, dangling
From a silver thread.

Empty, alone
With the monsters within.
Internally screaming,
You just want to give in.

Now imagine that’s you
Every day, every hour.
Forever sinking
Like a wilting flower.

You try to tell your dad
And you try to tell your mom,
But they say you’re being silly,
You’ve just got to move on.

Because teens don’t know sorrow
Nor the hardships of life.
They’re just kids with imaginations
Just looking for attention, right?

You think that there’s none
Who knows how you feel.
You’re just so alone,
But the feelings- they’re real.


But mostly

And you’re friends,
They go on
Like nothing has changed.

“They must not care,”
Your thoughts whisper,
The lies in your brain.

You can’t escape it,
Trapped in your own skin.
You’re ugly,
You’re hated,
But you mask it with a grin.

You hate what you feel,
So instead you feel nothing.
Your insides are numb,
Your confidence crumbling.

You look to other things
To stop the pain.
Cutting, pills,
But it gives you no gain.

And the people around you
Shout abuse your way.
“You’re hurting yourself, stop it!”
That’s all they ever say.

No matter how you plead
That you’re broken inside,
They turn the other way,
They run, they hide.

They say you’re just foolish,
It’s all in your head.
What they don’t know is inside
You’re already dead.



You Lied But I Still Cared

You Lied But I Still Cared

You always said you loved me
you always said you cared
That you would always be with me 
that you would always be there

You told me that you are here for me
through all the pain I feel 
You told me that you are with me 
till your very last meal

But you were never there
through all those endless nights
You could never stop the crying
after all those fights

My heart tore 
and you just walked away
My happiness went up in smoke
Everything looked gray

Now after all that's happened
all the lies you told
how could you lie again? 
How could you be so bold?

You say it again 
You are here for me
if I'm here for you back 
Sure I'll be there
and I'll care 
You know that that's a fact

But will you be here
for me
till the very end?

Don't lie again 
You are not my friend
My heart you could never mend

I gave you trust
You told me lies
I gave you hope
I can see it in your eyes

Please don't lie
We both know
you could never be there
to wipe my tears
or vanish my fears
You could never care

If Four Is A Party This Is A Parade

If Four Is A Party This Is A Parade

© pookie
I have one too many personalities, 
I don't know which one is really me, 
So if I'm nice at first, and then I'm mean, 
You just met Sally, and then met Steve. 

Yes, it's strange, but don't be alarmed, 
Steve and Sally cause no harm, 
Neither does Sarah, or Sammy, or Stu, 
But Darwin and Devin and David sure do. 

Be cautious around us, 
The villains I named, 
You won't know who's who, 
We all look the same. 

Half of us would hug you, 
And falsely reminisce, 
But half of us will kill you, 
So in this cell we sit.


Laughter Is A Gift

Laughter Is A Gift 
 © pookie

Laughter is a gift 
It doesn't mean your fit
But it will soften any tension
It could be consider stress prevention.

Find a reason to laugh
Just look at funny giraffes
Watch a funny show
A transformation you will go.

And don't ever be miffed
Laughter makes living
For us to be giving

gets you down
Please don't frown.

So take this wonderful gift
And don't ever be miffed
Laughter makes living
For us to be giving 

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